One thing I enjoyed a lot at a younger age was making Anime Music Videos, unfortunately YouTube took most of them down but I still have a few videos in various locations on the internet.

When I went to Dismaland I took my camera and filmed parts that caught my attention. As I was walking around I was listening to Burial through my headphones and felt inspired to make a music video of my perception of Dismaland.

True Detective - Sketch 2 from Nicola on Vimeo.

This was my take on an alternative trailer for True Detective which I made to Sketch 2 by Tim Hecker. I wanted to focus on the gritty atmosphere of the tv series and the depth of the characters.

Bates Motel | This Will Destroy You from Nicola on Vimeo.

This was a music video I made summarising Season 1 of Bates Motel to This Will Destroy You. It contains spoilers.

This was a fan trailer I made for Senran Kagura a few years ago, a short piece trying to get across the lightheartedness of the game, including various editing techniques all in 20 seconds.

This was a silly little video I made showing 51 things in my room, I can't turn down any chance to share my nerdy collections with the world!

No skills here, I just found this moment I completely mess up on Uncharted 4 too hilarious to not share.

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